Hey, look! Cancer!


No, this isn’t a photo from a NASA space probe showing some strangealien landscape. What you are looking at is a tiny bit of my cancer.

It’s a greatly magnified cross-section of tissue from my stomach,now estranged from me nearly four months. The big rounded ridge (upper left-centre)is “abnormal” tissue. Under greater magnification, the tiny black specks justunder the surface of the ridge would look signet-cell rings, or so says my geneticcounsellor at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Put more plainly, it’s visual proof that having my stomachremoved when I did was a really frickin’ good idea.

As for why it’s been so long between posts, the reason issimply that I have little to report. Aside from my weird eating schedule andoccasional problem with things getting stuck in my oesophagus, life is back tonormal. I’m eating enough to halt my weight loss, working as much as I ever did(hence, less time for hobby blogs like this), hanging out with my peeps, andeven playing golf. In fact, I feel about as healthy as I ever have.

I have another doctor’s appointment scheduled about a monthfrom now at which I will petition for an endoscopy. As I’ve previously noted,there’s a decent chance that my throat issue could simply be a stricture, whichhas the potential to be fixed via a very quick procedure that can be doneduring the endoscopy. If that turns out to be the case, I’ll be completelysatisfied with my recovery. (The flapjack-sized patch of numbness on my belly is pretty weird, but easy to cope with.)

I’ll be sure to post an update here once the throat scope isscheduled. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys the summer. Having wondered not that long ago whether I would see another thunderstorm, I’m definitelyappreciating the warm weather in a whole new way.

PS – Almost forgot… Thanks to a couple of CCAC visits, I'm now qualified to inject vitamin B12 into my abdomen! My daughter thinks it's pretty cool. I do too.